Now Booking: Shadow Theatre Performance/Workshops/Residencies

“I loved playing with the lights and saw lots and lots of animals.”
“I made a puppet and saw shadows everywhere!”
3 year-olds, Chapeltown Childrens’ Centre

This year, we are lucky enough to be working with shadow artist and early years active learning specialist Chris Hoy, who has over twenty years experience of working in arts/ community education.

We are offering a range of workshops, performances and residencies for Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. We also offer training for teachers and support staff based around shadow-play and storytelling and ways in which this exciting medium can be incorporated into the curriculum.

We hope you may be interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Sessions can be tailored to the school’s individual needs – please contact us for details.

Light is exciting to both children and adults alike. It can be a topic for reflection, a tool and a material to be explored. Light is a powerful learning resource encouraging wonder and imagination whilst connecting with many areas of the curriculum.

We deliver a lively, interactive storytelling experience using a cross-art form approach which supports the development of children’s language skills, self-esteem and independent learning.

The children explore storytelling/story-making through creative play – encouraging curiosity, enjoyment, motivation and imagination.

Under 7′s

Shadow play is a particularly inspirational medium for the under 7′s, especially for those children who may not be engaging in their learning.

We employ a multi sensory approach to children’s learning using movement, drama, sound, text, mark making and shadow puppetry. Our storytelling sessions can also act as a stimulus for further work on developing children’s interests, emotions and skills.

“We all really enjoyed the workshop and the children were still buzzing from it at the end of the week. We put out resources for them to carry on making puppets and we have hung a hula hoop from the ceiling with white paper covering it – the children have been using torches and continued to make up their fabulous stories. I learnt lots of things from the workshop also. It was just a really lovely day with lots of children really engaged in the activities you set up.”  Reception Teacher, Little London Primary School.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to step back and experience the activity from the child’s perspective, and see what they were able to get out of it.” Foundation Teacher, Holy Rosary Primary School

Parent/carer involvement

Whenever possible/appropriate, we can involve parents/carers in our sessions and we have many years experience of exploring ways of engaging family members in the learning process of their children. We are aware of the barriers to learning experienced by many people and are able to create safe and engaging learning situations which encourage a joint learning experience between child and adult.

“Normally my son is always shy but today he was very confident. He told jokes because he wanted to join in.”

“Storytelling is a good way to entertain the kids with props and puppets … I’ve got loads of ideas on what I could do at home with him.”

“Brilliant interactive sessions. Lovely to see all the children having so much fun and hearing the laughter … children got a chance to bring their potential and talent out. Thank you!”

Parents at St Matthew’s CE Primary School, Bradford

Key Stage 2

Story-making with Year 3 – creating landscapes and storyworlds

Our work with older children encourages problem solving, storytelling and group work – using a range of diverse materials, techniques and light sources, to motivate the children towards creating and telling their own shadow stories. Workshops use themes of light and shadow in a creative setting and provide an exciting jumping off point for further learning in both Science and Literacy.


We also run training sessions for teachers and other staff to explore ways in which they can incorporate shadow theatre/play, drama and story-making into the curriculum. These sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of individual schools and we are keen to meet with staff before engagement in order to discuss requirements, ideas and areas of interest.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training day. It was wonderful to have the space to express ourselves through story telling and den making. It enabled me to support the schoolchildren in exploring their ideas and imaginations.” Housing Support Worker

“It was an amazing learning opportunity for me and supported my studies.” Trainee nursery nurse, Chapeltown Children’s Centre

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