The Home Front

“… they had practically nothing, other than what they stood up in. One garment they did have, were combinations. These were woolly undergarments comprising a top with sleeves, joined on to leggings, with a slit in the bottom area, which really amused my sister and me.”
A first glimpse of the new arrivals. Evacuation In Wartime Britain 1939-1945. Mike Brown. Sutton Publishing Ltd. 2000.

Find out what life was like for the children who lived through the Second World War. Experience the terror of the Air Raids and the shock of their new lives in the country. Hear about the Land Girls, the A.R.P. and the Home Guard. Learn about the popular songs and stars of the day. Join in the war effort and help to retell the story of Britain’s triumph on the Home Front.

The Home Front uses a variety of specially constructed props and costumes to paint a picture of everyday life in Wartime Britain.

Each workshop lasts for approximately two hours and is suitable for around thirty children. Costumes, gas masks and air-raid shelter are supplied.

The Home Front workshop breakdown (.pdf)

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