Queen Elizabeth’s London

“The parents, especially the mother, must endeavour to speak to the child perfectly plain and distinct words, for as they be first informed to speak so will they continue …”
Contemporary advice on the raising of children. Elizabeth’s London. Liza Picard, Phoenix, 2004.

Meet Mistress Kate, a seamstress at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and learn about the terrible lives of the Tudor Kings and Queens. Take a guided tour around the streets of London and see the severed heads of the traitors on London Bridge. Marvel at the medicines available from the apothecaries in Cheapside. Visit the bear-pit and discover the secrets of Elizabethan popular theatre.

Queen Elizabeth’s London uses a variety of specially constructed props and costumes to bring to life the bustling streets of the 16th Century city.

Each workshop lasts for approximately two hours and is suitable for around thirty children. Props, costumes, bear and torture instruments are supplied.

Queen Elizabeth’s London workshop breakdown (.pdf)

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